24/7 protection against
leaks and water damage
The smart home device that monitors water flow, detects leaks, automatically turns off your water - stopping water damage fast.
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Flood Check Automatically Turns Your Water Off When There Is...

Any Excess Of Flow

An excess flow of water caused by a burst pipe, major rupture or even a forgotten running tap.

Freezing Temperatures

Floodcheck monitors temperature to prevent pipes being damaged by expanding frozen water.

24hrs Of Non Use

If you’re away, Floodcheck will turn off your water supply until you return.

Proudly serving...

Frequently Asked Questions

Floodcheck is clever because it knows the difference between a minor leak and a major leak. This means that any abnormal continuous flow caused by a tap left on or a minor leak Floodcheck will turn off the water supply after 20 minutes (this time can be adjusted).

But any excess flow of water caused by a burst pipe or major rupture, Floodcheck also knows and will turn off the water supply in 30 seconds.

Floodcheck will measure your water temperature and turn the water supply off if the temperature goes below 3 degrees celsius.

Floodcheck will detect water leaks that occur in your water pipes supplying water around your property if the pipe bursts or if water has been running constantly. It will not detect leaks from electrical appliances i.e. washing machines, dishwashers, or from pipes that drain water away.

Floodcheck comes with a 2 year guarantee and should last over 10 years.

Whilst there is a possibility a small reduction in the flow, this is typically less than 4% and isn’t usually noticeable.

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